Jessica B.


Jessica B.

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“Dance Monkey”



Jessica B.

I said, oh my God I see you walking byTake my hands, my dear, and look me in my eyesJust like a monkey I’ve been dancing my whole lifeBut you just beg to see me dance just one more time

Ooh, I see you, see you, see you every timeAnd oh my I, I, I like your styleYou, you make me, make me, make me wanna cryAnd now I beg to see you dance just one more time
So they sayDance for me, dance for me, dance for me, oh-ohI’ve never seen anybody do the things you do beforeThey say, move for me, move for me, move for me, ay-ayAnd when you’re done, I’ll make you do it all again”

(Tones and I)


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